Bhupen Kalakar


Bhupen Kalakar.. (Kalakar meaning artist)...also known as Shah, Poladia, Vira

Upon retirement, Bhupen pursued his lifelong passion for Art, particularly Oil Paintings. An artist in Don Bosco High School, Matunga, Bombay, India , Bhupen temporarily abandoned his love for painting to pursue a career in Finance and raise a family. But the burning desire within him, to paint, took a fresh turn as he, one day in his sixties, discovered the hidden talent to Paint. 

Bhupen and his wife Nalini have traveled extensively to learn Art around the world, travels include historical Art sites around the world such as Ajanta Ellora in India and Art Museums in Europe, to learn and see for himself, the paintings of the great masters, Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo,  to name a few,  and artists of the bygone era, India's Raja Ravi Varma who's paintings have been a source of inspiration.....

He is a self taught artist, lives in Lacey, near Seattle, USA, loves oil paintings, has captured the essence of doing a portrait, but without a doubt has mastered the Art of the female form, by depicting passion, romance and emotion in his paintings, and has done countless figurative paintings of children and women with flowing hair and sensual curves that have become a hallmark of his Art. Needless to say his wife Nalini, and lifelong fellow vagabond has been a model for many of his paintings.

Bhupen has held solo exhibitions and has published several painting books that are available in hardcover format for your coffee table and or chai table display and handy reference for yourself and your guests. At the present time, his book of oil paintings are available on Amazon and are also available as E Book, on your favourite media device.

His original artwork is also available for purchase except for private collections of the Artist. The artist has donated his books to his Don Bosco High School, to inspire future generations and also to individuals that have expressed interest and supported his cause to spread his paintings and give an opportunity to folks to enjoy, because the world is too chaotic and art, he believes brings solace that we all are seeking in our lives.

To this day, Bhupen, still paints at 75, age has not stopped him nor will it slow him down, the love for art gives him immense pleasure, he is thankful to his wife, Nalini and his family friends and relatives for supporting him in his mission........



2010 - present
2010 - present